Heathkit a Guide to Amateur Radio Products
image currently not available by Chuck Penson WA7ZZE If you started Amateur Radio or in electronics with a Heath kit, you are going to love this new book. Due to corporate shortsightedness, much of Heath's history is now buried in a Michigan landfill. Penson however, with the help of some wonderful people, has been able to piece together a comprehensive history of the Heath company though all it's ups and downs. Did you know Heath was started by Ed Heath as an airplane company? After Heath's death in a crash, the company was bought in bankruptcy by Howard Anthony. After World War II, Heathkit offered it's first kit, a five inch oscilloscope; from that point history was made. An ad in Electronics magazine received hundreds of orders and Heathkit was on it's way to success! Chapter One covers in detail the history of Heath and some of the notable who worked there. The second chapter tells you all about buying and collecting Heathkit equipment; what to look for and how to buy. Chapter Three is a complete guide to all of the Heath Amateur Equipment from the AT-1 transmitter to the SB-104 transceiver..all with pictures and other important details. This book is a collectors "must." ©1995 248 pages First edition 248 pages Softbound
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ER-HR Heathkit a Guide to Amateur Radio Products $24.95