NA Contest Logging Software
Contest Software by Dave Pruett, K8CC “NA is the best Logging Software value around!” Up-to-date and includes all popular contests and p-l-e-n-t-y more Currently shipping version 10.xx Here is what you get when you buy NA Version 10:

NA provides the logging performance you need to win! At the 1996 Radiosport Team Championship, six of the top ten finishers used NA including the #1 team KR0Y and K1TO. NA is flexible and comes with template files for 14 contests. An easy-to-use editor let’s you make your own contest templates too. NA is easy-to-use! The “screen interface” is similar to other programs and the learning curve is short. Guest operators have sat down in the middle of a contest and used NA with virtually no training at all!. NA gives you the features you need to win contests! Digital radio control, packet interface, CW keyer/voice keyer support, callsign databases, advanced two radio-operation and p-l-e-n-t-y more!

NA is a MS-DOS based program and will run on virtually any PC with 640k of memory -- even old XT or 8088 machine. Works with all IBM PC’s from 8088s to State-of-the-art Pentium Pros. You get a 100 page manual with interface schematics, and helpful operating hints, tips and operating suggestions from the program’s author and testers. Support for NA is provided by the program’s developers for quick, expert answers via the Internet, e-mail or telephone. Registered users will receive FREE access to downloadable program updates for a period of 12 months after purchase. Craig and I take contests seriously and we know you do too. I wrote this program with your needs in mind! NA makes it easier to have that “margin of difference” during the heat of the contest. 73 and Good Luck! Dave, K8CC

Two Radio Support. “Create a contest” design feature. Re-designed and improved CW keyer. Includes 14 pre-tested templates for the most popular contests. Room for over 16,000 QSO’s with XMS memory. Supports Hy-Gain rotor control. Prints QSL label printing while logging. Interfaces with Icom, JRC, Kenwood and Yaesu Radios (new interfaces being added regularly.) NA supports high IRQ and nonstandard serial ports for easy setup and control. You can setup mutli-computer networks with one COM port per machine. Supports 4 different voice keyers: Contest Voice Blaster, K1EA DVP, W9XT, or external contest card and external “stand-alone” DVK’s. NA allows you to search a master database. Has a 10 minute timer for multi-op band changes Includes a call area dupesheet for short contests Full screen packet optional Includes a check zone country feature...and much more!

Catalog # Item Description Unit Price
RBS-NA NA Contest Logging Software Ver 10 $60.00
RBS-NAU NA Contest Logging Software Ver 10 Upgrade (V9 or earlier) $40.00
RBS-SUB NA Contest Logging Software Subscription Renewal (after 1 year of Free Downloads) $10.00
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